Are You Doing Up Time and Down Time At The Right Time?


Are You Doing Up Time and Down Time, At The Right Time?

Here’s something to consider, are you doing up time and down time at the right time? There’s a great concept in the world of coaching psychology called ‘uptime v’s downtime.’ Now when I say down time I’m not talking about a relaxing afternoon down at the pub – although that does sound lovely! What I really mean are those moments when your attention is turned inwards to your inner experience of thoughts and emotions. Uptime then, is when your attention is focused outwardly on other people and your environment. 

If you watch yourself you’ll notice that you naturally move between these two orientations during the day. Uptime serves you well when you’re at a meeting and need to pay attention to others and not get lost in day dreams, as fun as that can be! But too much uptime can make it seem as though you’re permanently ‘on’ which can be taxing and lead to burn out depending on the kind of person you are.  

Downtime on the other hand is perfect for when you’re meditating, journalling or having a chat with your therapist – all very great ways to turn inwards and reflect. Yet, too much downtime or downtime in the wrong place, can be unhelpful. For example, being too involved in your own thoughts and feelings while out on a hot date might make you feel self conscious and awkward, stopping you from enjoying the moment and appreciating your companion.

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