Could Blessing Be The One Mindfulness Practice You Can’t Afford To Live Without?

Could Blessing Be The One Mindfulness Practice You Can’t Afford To Live Without?

If there’s one mindfulness practice you can’t afford to live without, it’s blessing. Which put simply just means thinking lovely thoughts about someone else and wishing them well. Research has shown that generating positive emotions directed towards yourself and others through meditation can improve both your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health. It’s so simple, takes no time at all, costs nothing and can be easily fitted into virtually any part of your day. 

Here’s how you do the blessing mindfulness practice

1. Find a quiet spot and get comfy

Maybe you’ll do this practice when you meditate or at the end of a yoga class. You could also do it while laying down in bed, or even when you have your tea break during the day. The only thing that matters is that you’re able to sit comfortably and relax in a safe spot without interruption for a minute or so. 

2. Help yourself focus

Set a timer on your phone or clock for two minutes. Next begin to count how many times you exhale over the course of two minutes. Don’t change your breathing, but just watch it and count the exhales. Don’t worry if you get distracted and start thinking about other things, if you do simply start counting again until the two minutes on the timer is up. 

3. Practice mindfulness

Now that you’ve become a little bit more focussed though counting your breath it’s time to let go and relax. Remain sitting quietly without focussing on any one thing in particular. Wait here for a minute…gently resting, still present and with your eyes closed. This in itself is a lovely form of mindfulness practice.

5. Ready, steady, bless

Now bring to mind someone you like and have warm feelings for. Perhaps you’ll see them in your minds eye, or in your imagination or maybe you will just have a sense of them somehow. You can bring them to mind in any way that feels right for you. Be sure to see them happy and well and send them lots of good wishes. Some people like to see the person smiling, happy and having great fortune. Others like to bless people more creatively by using an imaginary magic wand that swishes glitter and sparkles around their friend.

6. …Keep the blessing going

Once you’re satisfied, perhaps after a minute or so, it’s time to move on and bless someone else. This time you could bless someone you don’t know as well, an acquaintance or your favourite shop keeper for example. 

7. Last but not least, bless yourself

Raise a little smile and see yourself very happy and contented. Again use your imagination and be creative!

Bonus tip

Et voila! You’ve sent positive wishes and intended for good things to happen to someone else in the world, what a generous way to pass 5 minutes! How do you feel having tried this little mindfulness practice?

Something that can also work really well is to pick a song that’s positive and uplifting – a song or piece of music which for you represents good vibes. Cue up the song and play it in dedication to your friend. As you listen have a little sing song or maybe even a dance and think of them being really happy and well. Here’s a song I love for this type of musical meditation:

Clark Sisters – You Brought The Sunshine – LISTEN On Youtube

I hope you enjoy this little blessing practice. It’s a mindfulness practice I wouldn’t be without and recommend to everyone. If you’d like more meditation and mindfulness practices, consider joining my fortnightly Wellness Edit newsletter HERE

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