Eileen Campbell Interview For Wellspring

Eileen Campbell Interview For Wellspring

In Eileen Campbells interview for Wellspring she walks us through the 1970’s hippie trail to India, life as a mainboard director at Harper Collins UK and her inspirational career writing pioneering self-help books. I can’t wait for you to meet Eileen her!

About Eileen Campbell

Eileen Campbell is well known for her pioneering publishing and was responsible for many many ground-breaking books in the health and well-being arena, for example, Light on Yoga, Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, The Alchemist, A Course in Miracles and A Return to Love.

Starting out in 1970, she went on to become the first woman main board director of HarperCollins UK in her time. She has written a series of highly successful inspirational books including A Dancing Star, Wake Up and Hear the Thunder! Finding Hope in a Hopeless World, The Woman’s Book of Joy, and The Woman’s Book of Hope. All of which inspire you to change, and living a meaningful and fulfilling life. She is a serious student of yoga and meditation, after travelling in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran via converted dutch mail bus (painted to match an art icon) during the early 70s. 

In this beautiful interview, Eileen will walk you through (in order)

  • The start of her spiritual journey – Tolstoy, the metaphysical poets, life in the age of Aquarius and road-tripping through Afghanistan and India during the 1970’s hippy movement.
  • The importance of taking the inner journey
  • Choirs, gardening and classical Indian music
  • Her epic publishing career
  • Wake-up calls, life shifts and relationship challenges
  • Reflections on how new thought/wellness publishing trends have evolved since the 1960s
  • Navigating the news, media and politics and the hope of moving towards a more enlightened age
  • Advice on maintaining a meditation and spiritual practice through challenging times no matter how much space you have
  • Guidance from her latest books for living a meaningful and inspired life.
  • And much, much more!

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