Guided Meditation and Motherhood Poetry IG Live

If you or someone you love is looking for a guided meditation for pregnancy and a little inspirational motherhood poetry, look no further than this weeks Instagram Live with leading London based Pilates instructor Holly Grant of Pilates PT.


In this IGTV the wonderful Emma Mills (@emmamillslondon) takes you through a calm, mindful, guided meditation, and shares some of her favourite motherhood poetry with us. 

Guided Meditation and Motherhood Poetry IG Live

Pregnancy can be a frantic time for many women, and you may feel that you struggle to take time to be mindful and calm. This session with Emma will leave you feeling more peaceful, and more positive – simply being in Emma’s presence calms us Emma is the award-winning author of Inhale Exhale Repeat, meditation teacher and mindfulness expert, with a passion for sharing ideas for living well. She also creates the most beautiful stationery featuring poetry and mindful sayings.

We hope you found this Guided Meditation and Motherhood Poetry IG Live helpful. Don’t forget to share this with your pregnant friends.  “

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