Life, It’s All One Thing

Life It’s All One Thing

Life, It’s All One Thing

Holistic living makes up an important part of my philosophy for living well.

Our bodies work holistically as one whole system, but it’s not only our bodies that work in that way – we are seamlessly in touch with our outside wider life too. 

We’re part of everything and everyone else as one integrated whole.  Nothing is separate and there are no isolated system, which means when you pull on one part of natures table cloth, everything else moves too. How fascinating then, to explore the implications of this wholeness in everyday life? 

Of course, it’s not always easy to live with a sense of connectedness all day long ( just look at the news headlines) but I suspect we all have our moments of connection here and there. What are you usually doing when you feel at one with life? 

Out in nature? Traveling? Chatting to friends? Reading poems? Swimming in the sea? Let me know some of yours in the comments below. 

The photos above were taken on a trip to Paris a few years ago. Travelling.. Wandering… Feeling connected! 

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