How To Use Bullet Journalling To Improve Your Productivity

“Beautify the pages of your diary to make organising your schedule a mindful task. Bullet journalling is designed to aid productivity and allows you to “track your past, order your present and design your future,” explains exponent Ryder Carroll. Embraced by many creatives as a way to personalise and illustrate their individual needs and styles, the framework includes a calendar, tasks, notes and lists. Meditation teacher and author of Inhale. Exhale. Repeat., Emma Mills (emmamillslondon. com) explains:

Press: How To Use Bullet Journalling To Improve Your Productivity Emma Mills London for Waitrose Magazine

Taking the time to thoughtfully decorate your pages can make journaling so much more enriching. By fully engaging with the task at hand your mind finds a natural single point of focus, leaving you feeling, calmer and more in the moment

Let’s find joy in making something beautiful for its own sake. Not because we are performing for a test that others will mark or making something for another means, but for the sheer pleasure of creating something lovely.

When we read writing it’s usually linear. We read from left to right and the meaning becomes apparent over time ( when we get to the end of the sentence) Like with a poem for example. A picture on the other hand – or decorative drawings, make an impression immediately, all in one go. When you beautify your pages, you pour thoughtfulness and charm into them and then each time you look at them, the love and charm that went into making them will greet you.

How To Use Bullet Journalling To Improve Your Productivity – In Waitrose Magazine This Month

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