Roger Phillips Interview For Wellspring Podcast

I’m thrilled to bring you Roger Phillips Interview for Wellspring podcast this week. Roger is acknowledged as the most prolific plant illustrator of all time.

He has published more than 30,000 plant identification photographs of roses, trees, shrubs, mushrooms, perennials, annuals and wild flowers, in more than 40 major books, using his advanced photographic techniques, in the manner of botanical drawings. Culminating in a two volume ground-breaking work on the botany of all garden plants, ‘The Botanical Garden’ volume one deals with Trees and Shrubs. Roger has published major works on mushrooms and fungi. 

His two main mushroom works (Mushrooms of northern Europe and Mushrooms of North America) have now sold over two million copies.”

‘Roger Phillips, 87, (@RogerPhillips_RedGlasses ) has been at work replanting Eccleston Square garden in London for nearly 40 years, the result is best described as a plantsman’s garden with interesting plants from all over the world, many of which he has collected himself.’

In this interview Roger and I explore:

  • His passion for art, photography, botany and wild foods
  • His views on retirement and growing older
  • The evolution of his book-writing career
  • Wild food foraging and mushrooming
  • Growing an edible garden, starting with potatoes and nasturtiums
  • How he came to love mushrooms

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