The 7 Wonders Of The Inner World Online Programme

The 7 Wonders Of The Inner World Online Programme

Welcome to The 7 Wonders of The Inner world, a new personal discovery journey designed by Emma Mills to help you celebrate the incredible world within you. The Seven Wonders of The Inner World are found within everyone, yet you in particular are entirely unique in your composition and self expression.

For example, you might have lots of fire in your belly but find yourself easily cut off from gentler expressions such as receivership, femininity or going with the flow. 

Or maybe you’re totally grounded and in touch with day to day practical life yet yearn to assert your creative voice with clarity and confidence? Or maybe it’s the other way around for you. 

Perhaps your intellect is strong and your ability to think and reason is sharp but you want to develop your intuition, presence and sense of imagination? 

This course is here to educate you about the wonders that you are within you and to give you practical guidance on how to explore and enhance them so that you can feel amazing from the inside out. 

The 7 Wonders 8 week online learning programme has closed for this season, but if you would like to register your interest about enrolling in the next online group in 2022 please contact me directly on and I will add your details to our enquiries list for the new year.

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