The Best Set Up For an Inspired Day at Your Desk

The Best Set Up For an Inspired Day at Your Desk

Todays post is about creating the best set up for an inspired day at your desk and it’s based on a page from my Meditation Guide Book- Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Some people can do amazing work at a messy desk. They simply sit down, turn on their computer and begin work immediately.

And that’s just wonderful – but I’m definitely not one of those people.

I love to start my working day by arranging the flowers on the desk and lighting a scented candle. It sets the tone and I like to think that the work I go on to create will be infused by my inspired environment.

Some of us spend 40-50 hours a week sat at our desks and so it makes sense to make that time as supportive and inspiring as possible.

Here below is my inspired set up for a day working from home at your desk. You can adapt it to suit your set up so that whether you’re working from your kitchen table, your lap, a desk or someplace else, you can create a great environment for creative work to blossom.

What You’ll Need To Create The Best Set Up For an Inspired Day at Your Desk

Invest In A Beautiful Teapot

Teapots are a great addition to your desk. With a teapot in tow you’ll always have plenty of tea to hand while you get on with your work – without having to top up mid way through your work session. I also think that having a teapot at your desk (or even a beautiful water pitcher if you prefer cool drinks) is a great way to make it easier to stay hydrated through the day. I love this quirky teapot from Etsy in the design of the romantic poets. Of course, not everyone loves Percy Shelley as much as I do, so why not choose a teapot that expresses the things you love.

Tip/ Et voila! A tea pot with herbal teas aplenty. Try fresh chocolate mint for focus and chamomile flowers for calm.

Inspired tea pot for your desk

Save Your Ideas!

When an inspired idea comes to mind, write it down in your note book. This way you can stay on task while also keeping your wonderful ideas safe until you’re ready use them. I love plain paper note books (without lines) as they allow for all sorts of notes, doodles and shapes. After all not all ideas fit inside the lines. (Read more on doodling and bullet journalling here)

Little Beauty Top Ups

Keep a beautiful poetry anthology, or a little book of nature photos or art prints by your desk so you have something inspirational to dip into for a new perspective.

This works wonders if you’re a creative kind of person and love to refresh your inner artists palette from time to time. It also works well as calming mindfulness aid. For example, if you find yourself becoming caught up in all the seriousness of life…or all the stress of work and the various storylines you share with others, you can turn to your nature photo book and be calmed by the sea, the forests and the woodlands. Nature is the great perspective giver!

Tip/ Take 5 minutes to leaf through a beautiful book of pictures or words this lunch time and be transformed.

Lush Folliage….Fragrent Blooms!

Pick a beautiful indoor plant to accompany you at your desk. Lemon balm has a great scent and works well in full shade or sunlight. If you don’t tend to have a lot of success when it comes to keeping house plants alive, choose a low maintenance plant such as Jade which requires very little watering, or a Peace Lilly. The leaves of the Peace Lilly start to go a little droopy when it needs watering (once a week or fortnight-ish). So you’ll always know where you are with it.

If you want to learn more about the wellbeing benefits of houseplants, take a look at the guide post I wrote for The Joy Of Plants HERE

If you’re more into fresh flowers than houseplants why not consider a floral delivery service. Marks and Spencer in the UK do a regular seasonal bouquet delivery for £20.00.

Luxe Lunchboxes

Oh the excitement of opening a beautifully put together lunchbox, filled to the brim with a nutritious selection of delicious surprises.  Why reserve such a delight for childhood? Treat yourself to a healthy lunchbox or home made lunch option that you will genuinely be excited to eat.

It’s not always easy to find the time to cook fresh meals every day and that’s why batch cooking works so well. You can cook once – and eat multiple times. Dishes like chilli con carne, lasagne, Shepard’s pie, superfood salad and a variety of soups all batch cook and freeze well and can be adapted to suit veggies, vegans and meat eaters quite easily.

If you’re out for the day why not get lunch time confident with one of these snazzy lunch boxes. Try to choose a lunchbox that’s easy clean or dish washer friendly and if possible grab a cutlery set too.

Cozy Socks

Cozy socks are perfect for those moments when you want to meditate at your desk. Having special socks or a lovely sweater for the occasion can help you make the transition to relaxing mode in the midst of a busy work day. Try this guided Al Desk Meditation from my meditation guidebook Inhale. Exhale. Repeat

The Best Set Up For an Inspired Day at Your Desk

Scent Your Space

Use a natural room fragrance to help your workspace smell like an aromatherapy haven. I love the Neom organics Happiness Candle, it’s so uplifting and the mimosa notes really pop. I was glad to learn that the Neom candles are made without many of the nasty synthetic chemicals normally used in candle making. This means you’re breathing in less toxins as you work. What’s not to love about that?

As well as using a candle I also love roller ball pulse point perfumes as they can be kept at your desk and applied when you feel inspired. Aromatherapy Associates make a lovely roller ball fragrance called Revive (Here) which is great for those moments when you just want a little pick me up.

TIP: As you spritz your room fragrance around your desk, and perhaps beyond, set the intention that you have for the day. For example, it might be: ‘Today, I’m creating a space for creativity, focus and collaboration.’

Digital Accessories

Phone Headset: I love this old fashioned plug in telephone headset — it really does make a difference if you are making many hours of calls in a day and find yourself getting a hot head or face from holding your mobile phone close to your head. With a wired headset plugged in you can keep the phone away from your head while you talk. (SHOP)

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