The simplicity of Truth is less assuming than a single letter of the alphabet
Natures beauty, 2020 Emma Mills

I took this photograph one morning in early Autumn, the misty light slanting through the trees was was really quite breathtaking. And later that day I read the following passage in a book by William Samuels called ‘A Guide To Awareness and Tranquility‘ and I thought…

Wow! A real glimmer of beauty — I had to share it here with you on Emma Mills London.

I do hope you enjoy it

“Imagine walking through a forest early on a crisp morning. The air is moist and still. You are alone. Occasional drops of dew fall from the trees above, plummeting through the slanting sunshine and enchanting morning mist. They flash like diamonds for an instant, then patter softly to the leaves below. 

The only other movement is yours and the only other sound belongs to the morning. The air is exhilarating. The moment is holy. 

Suddenly, unexpectedly a deer bounds across your path, leaps a fallen log, and noisily – but ever so gracefully – disappears among the trees! Your heart pounds. You are thrilled by the suddenness and beauty of the animals leap to anonymity; and then the silence, more silent now returns.

“How beautiful,” you think “how magnificent! How privileged I am to see such a scene and feel such emotion! Let me take a piece of wood and carve into it all the tenderness of the moment. Let me carve all I see and all I feel, all I am thinking and all I have thought. Let me take my knife and shape the wood so others will understand the splendour of this morning. Let me carve it with such exactness and precision that everyone who sees it will hear the bounding deer, see the soft sunlight and smell the sweet freshness of the wild earth.”

I ask you: who can tell such a story with a single piece of wood?

Where is the wood that can contain so much within it?

Who can confine Truth to ten words- or ten million? 

Such is the job of anyone who takes it upon themselves to talk about the Truth of things. 

Yet, in reality, the simplicity of Truth is less assuming than a single letter of the alphabet.”

William Samuel 1967, A Guide To Awareness and Tranquility

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