The world as the body

Have you ever kept a diary? A place where you note down the different things that happen in your day alongside how you felt about it?

I’ve enjoyed keeping a variety of diaries over the years and one in particular I am enjoying at the moment is keeping an outside world nature diary, or nature log. In it I keep a note of the changing scenery around me as the seasons go by. Daffodils in spring, roses in summer, apples in autumn and robins in winter….

I’ve found keeping a nature diary to be quite relaxing and a lovely opportunity to widen my gaze beyond the every day hustle and bustle of human life.

I would guess that quite a lot of us think of the outside world as being made up of anything we encounter with our senses. For example nature, people, the tv, houses, pets, food. Anything happening ‘out there’.

But where does your body fit in? For sure, your body is something you can watch and observe a change in, in the same way you might observe the hedgerows changing with the seasons or the fashions change in the shops.

Each day our bodies bring some new revelation (some better than others, lol) Each year our bodies propose a new way of being taken care of. But is the body to be considered as inside, as we would think of our emotions or heartbeat, or is it considered to be outside, as we would think of the trees, the economy, and the rain?

Usually, what we think of as inner or outer is correlated with what we consider to be me or other. And the way we draw this line has a big influence on the attitudes we take towards our environment, social life, personal relationships and work.

So what do you think, is the body inside, or outside?

Is the world our true body?..
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