Women’s Health Magazine, Which Type Of Meditation Is Best? (2018)

Women's Health Magazine, Which Type Of Meditation Is Best?

If you’ve ever given it a go you’ve probably found yourself asking – what actually is meditation? I spoke with Womens Health magazine this month to help demystify meditation and offer a variety of ways to practice.

“Let’s just say it takes many forms: yoga, mantra meditation – even enjoying some quiet time in the bath; these are all valid options for those of you wondering how to meditate.

“The essence of meditation is connecting,” says Mills. “Connecting with yourself and your own sense of awareness. The different types of meditation are all avenues back to this same place. So, if one method doesn’t work for you, there will likely be another one that will. Many people struggle to get a sense of being in touch with themselves because their mind is preoccupied by the thoughts and sensations vying for their attention. But learning to overcome that and taking the time to get to know yourself, is a fun and important thing.”

And, of course, meditation is free. You don’t need any expensive kit – that’s right, a meditation cushion, chakra spray and scented candles are not a must – and you can do it pretty much anywhere you want.

“You might want to sit down formally for 5-10 minutes, or incorporate shorter periods into your whole day,” says Mills. “As with Pilates, where you learn to regularly check in with your body and adjust your posture; so, with meditation, over time, it will become second nature to spot when your mind is behaving in a certain way and bring it back to the present again.”

Which means? Over time – Mills says you should notice positive results after the first couple of weeks of starting to meditate – you’ll feel calmer, feel that you have more time in your day, and those feelings of stress that are often exacerbated by the thinking process…

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Meditation infographic. What actually is meditation? Womens Health Magazine

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